President of Hay River Metis Government Council, Trevor Beck, 42, is standing his ground.

“We’re struggling but we’re okay, we’re running pumps. We never left,” he told Yellowknifer.

Despite his own property under threat, Beck hasn’t left his post and continues to help others: “My phone’s been going crazy.”

On May 6, water surrounded his Old Town home and business, and he was evacuated but he didn’t leave.

“God said — ‘H0ld my beer’ and sent the storm in” he said.

Then his 15-year-old daughter, Emerson, developed blood clots in her lungs and his wife, Andrea, drove her through the water to seek medical attention while Beck stayed put: “I couldn’t leave as I’m a leader, I had to stay here and work.”

He is astounded by the help they’ve received from local communities and MLAs who he said, “They’ve treated us like equals.”

“Enterprise opened up their community to 2,000 folks from Hay River, and the people of Yellowknife have been amazing,” said Beck, adding that they need volunteers to help clear out damaged spaces more than anything.

After everything he has been through this week, Beck considers himself fortunate; when asked how his house is doing, he laughs.

“Let me answer you bluntly — who cares? It’s still there… The people of Hay River are resilient people. So prepared and upbeat. No one died and nobody is going to die.”

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  1. What about the people that stayed in hotel rooms?why should they have to pay if they’re an evacuee?my hotel bill is 1600 I’m on disability and only make 942 at the end of the month how am I supposed to pay that?I also have truck insurance coming up that I have to pay at the end of May that’s alot of money to pay for me I need some help