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Hay River woman wins $1 million on scratch ticket

“Now and then it will just hit me, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I won a million dollars!” says Hay River’s Nancy Yakeleya. Photo courtesy of Western Canada Lottery Corporation

Hay River’s Nancy Yakeleya is planning a major trip across Canada, thanks to a $1 million win on her Jackpot Multiplier scratch ticket.

“I scratched it at home and had to take a second look at it,” Yakeleya said. “I thought maybe I’d won a free play and my brother said, ‘I think you won a million dollars!’”

She is now looking forward to exploring the country from coast to coast.

“I’ve got children and grandchildren across Canada,” she said. “So, my sister and I are going to do a road trip.”

Yakeleya is also excited about the support she can offer her family and friends.

“This is perfect timing because I just retired,” she explained while claiming her prize. “I’d like to help others who’ve helped me along the way.”

The winner says it is still sinking in that she is now retired as a new millionaire.

“It’s unbelievable,” she laughed. “Now and then it will just hit me, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I won a million dollars!’”

Yakeleya purchased her winning ticket for $10 at Rooster Shell, located at 890 McKenzie Highway and Royal Road in Hay River.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation circulated news of her windfall on Tuesday.

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