Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) has been busy this week as they add yet another event to their calendar.

In conjunction with the 4th Annual Symposium Symposium of the Future Imaginary, WAMP will be helping to virtually show various shorts films related to subject of futurism.

“It was something that we had in the works that we just got approval for,” said Davis Heslep from WAMP. “It’s a collection of afro-futurist sci-fi and Indigenous-futurist sci-fi, and there’s also a number of locally created shorts that are a part of that program.”

Due to the virtual nature of both the symposium and the short film screening event, some of those attending may have limitations when attempting to screen the films.

“There are ups and downs of putting on a virtual screening events,” said Heslep. “It’s somewhat easier because you’re able to link directly to the digitally embedded film on different viewers like Vimeo and YouTube. Considering we’re trying to have this program available to virtually anybody who’s a part of the Symposium in different ways, people are kind of limited access depending where they are.”

Overall, Heslep hopes that the take away for those viewing will be the finding of their own spark of creativity through the lens of futurism.

“Projecting their culture and where they would think that it would go in the future,” said Heslep. “That’s kind of the foundation for a lot of thoughts and ideas, to be thought of and then potentially, eventually, realized. Also, seeing how people are able to reflect different projections of our reality through their own cultural lens.”

The short films are set to be shown this coming Saturday [Aug. 21] at 7 p.m.

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