Judoka from across the territory and beyond were in Inuvik March 3 to 4 for the Arctic Open Judo Tournament, held at the Midnight Sun Complex. Martial Arts competed in both Ne-waza, or ground techniques, and Tachi-waza, or standing techniques. The young peaceful warriors trained their minds, bodies and spirits over the three days.

Lillian Halle attempts to pin Ellenor McLeod. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Violet Nielsen-Roberts and Marlo Jenks jockey for position on the mats. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Corbin Wilson and Tristan Blyth square off. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Tristan Main of Inuvik tries to throw Cooper Wilson of Fort Liard. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Colette Reardon wraps up Hope Logan. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Hope Logan readies her guard as Aerayana Reardon bears down on her. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Ataleigha Bernhardt-Watters of Inuvik wraps up her cousin Cooper Wilson of Fort Liard. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Ellenor McLeod and Hope Logan share a laugh as they wrestle to the mats. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Marlo Jenks attempts to trip up Ivan Raska. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Tristan Blyth of Inuvik and Leo Ehrlich of Yellowknife get wrapped up in each others gis. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Corbin Wilson of Fort Liard grins as he pins NWT Judo Association executive director Josh Hagen of Yellowknife. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Eric Bowling

Breaking News Reporter and Digital Editor for NNSL, Eric operates out of Inuvik in the Beaufort Delta. He's four years into his Northern adventure and is eager to learn more about life in the Arctic Circle....

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