Inuvik’s premiere summer festival, the Great Northern Arts Festival, was back in full action this year after a subdued 2021 and missing 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Held July 8 to 17, the festival connected artists and art lovers to learn and collaborate on their creations. There were nightly performances and public sales throughout the week. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Mila and Solomon Kolodziej-Johnston and Indigo Taylor-Redding rock out with their homemade… baskets? Hats? Hatskets? As their mentor Cathie Harper watches on. Aspiring artists were able to learn from the pros all week during the Great Northern Arts Festival. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Ame Papatsie draws a portrait of our reporter — with both hands at once. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Painter Sharon Quirke gives pointers to Nitsu Hailu, who practices her strokes on a painint of cotton grass. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Miranda Amos shows Matthew Delafranier how to put fur lining on mittens. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Francis M Ruben eyes a polar bear he has been carving out of a block of chloride. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Maya Cook of the band Nattiralaaq, which means Little Seal, sings a song during a performance July 14. A portion of the circus troupe ARTCIRQ, the trio flew in from Iglloolik, Nunavut to perform. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Maya Cook, Levy Tapatsiak and Allan Kangok of the band Nattiralaaq perform July 14. The group hosted workshops on juggling, acrobatics and other performing arts. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Mataya Gillis sports a fur coat during the fashion show July 16. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Dieter Weise shows off a furt hat and traditional cover during the fashion show. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Kyra Mcdonald pulls down her hood as she shows off a traditional parkie during the fashion show. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Eric Bowling

Your source for all things happening in the Beaufort Delta. Eric jumped at the chance to write for the Inuvik Drum after cutting his teeth in Alberta. He enjoys long walks, loud music and strong coffee....

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  1. Thank you for the nice photos , I lived in Hay River 1965 – 1972 & Inuvik 1972 – 1987 So I always enjoy hearing stories/news from the NWT