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IN PHOTOS: Gwich’in Cup showcases Beaufort talent

Parents across the Beaufort Delta got to watch their favourite hockey players this last weekend as the Gwich’in Cup hit the Midnight Sun Complex Feb. 1-4. Weather cooperated briefly to allow youth from around the area an open roadway to travel to Inuvik to play. More than 200 athletes took to the ice, marking a new record for the annual tournament.

Caleb Kudlak relies on his stickhandling with Dylan Wright in hot pursuit. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Jordan McLeod Jr. maneuvers with the puck while Kenyan Loreen attempts to steal it. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Carter Main prepares to rush the net while Kendrick Nerysoo attempts to keep him in check. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Winston Moses gives an opening prayer in the Gwich’in language as Inuvik Minor Hockey Association president Chris Gruben and others show their respect. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Kullen Wainman and Cashton Cardinal face off as Winston Moses drops the puck while Chris Smith, Chris Gruben and Kelly McLeod look on. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Lauchlan Conway-Adams blasts across centre ice with the puck. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Keith Wolki celebrates a goal. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Gordon Hoover closes in on goaltender Kyler Kasook. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Claire Letendre puts the puck in the back of the net. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Tanner Bain races for the puck with Kullen Wainman hot on his heels. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Kohl MacDonald, Darius Keevik and Cody Bernhardt take off after the puck. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Jeffrey Green tries to hold off Kendyn McLeod. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
David Letendre glides across the ice while in possession of the puck. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Riland Keevik works to keep the puck away from Kenneth Keevik as goaltender Camryn Charlie focues on keeping it out of the net. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Colson Gordon leaps into action after a bouncing puck. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Donovan Koe, Connor Charlie and Lennox Amos reach for the biscuit. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Chance Cockney, Jaxon Broadhagen and Charlie Snowshoe celebrate a goal. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo
Hundreds of medals and individual prizes, including the Gwich’in Values Award, were doled out to the hard-working kids at the end of the tournament. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo