Inuvik’s Midnight Sun Complex echoed with the sounds of handmade drums March 17. After a week of practising dance moves, assembling drums and making clothes, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s Drum Dancing workshop showcased their skills, with students from across the Beaufort Delta coming out to learn their traditional crafts.

Photos by Eric Bowling/NNSL


Justin Memogana lets out a shout as Abigail Voudrach, Liberty Gruben, Marlo Kiasuk and Erin Felix try to follow along. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

A full house of dancers and onlookers filled the Midnight Sun Complex Community Hall March 17 from 8 p.m. to midnight as workshop-goers showed off what they learned throughout the week. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Nicole Ruben and Karra Kuptana overlook the crowd as Hudson Dillon, Kolby Gordon-Ruben and Trent Wolki work their drums. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Payton Inglangasak and Risa Mas Hermosa practise their dance moves in time with the drum beats. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Julia Ekpakohak can’t hide her emotions as she sings and dances along.

Letty Kiasuk, Leikisha Kagyut and Liberty Gruben dance along to the drumbeat.

Sandra Elaniks and Abigail Voudrach follow along the crowd.

William Allen, Kevin Allen and Hans Lennie share a laugh between performances.

Margaret Carpenter practises some moves with Leikisha Kagyut.

Nicole Ruben focuses on her movements.

Miranda Pingo sways in tune with drum beat.

Elias Gordon-Ruben, Hudson Dillon, Kolby Gordon-Ruben, Trent Wolki, Liam Dillon and Patrick Gruben practise on their handmade drums. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

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