Inclusion NWT executive director Lynn Elkin says she is taking her leave from the organization in order to focus on herself and family after 10 years in the job.

“I just looked at where things are at for me and my family, and I think I need to step away and take a bit of a break, focus more on my family,” Elkin said. “So that’s what I’m doing.”

Despite stepping away from the position, Elkin said she has nothing but fond memories during her time as executive director.

“It was fantastic,” said Elkin. “Just a really interesting place to work, something new, something different every day because our jobs there is to serve individuals with disabilities and their families. So, there’s always something new to learn.”

“Certainly we had a real team effort going on there across the organization on how to best help individuals and help their families. So everyday was really interesting to go to work and getting to work with such great people.”

“I do not have another job to go to, I am not retiring,” said Elkin. “I’m going to just take a few months and look around and see what I might do and see how I can get to spend that time with my family, just enjoy Christmas and get a chance to visit some of my family that I haven’t seen for a bit.”

Elkin offered some words of advice to whomever will fill her position:

“I think the best thing that you can do in this position is listen to clients and their families,’ said Elkin. “Try and balance their needs with what you’re able to do.”

“The reality is that there are so many things that we could be doing and there’s only so much time and energy for folks who are available to help and work,” said Elkin. “Take the best advantage that we can by using the talents of all the staff to make sure we provide the best support that we can and really work with the team.

Elkin said the hardest part of the job is not being to assist everyone who needs it.

“We can’t do and be all the things that people need,” she said. “Sometimes you just couldn’t, and that’s really, really tough.”

As for Inclusion NWT’s future, Elkin said she firmly believes that things look bright in the hands of the team that remains.

“We just try and be as progressive as we can in ensuring that all individuals and, in particular for this organization, individuals with disabilities and their families, are as fully included in all parts of the community if they want to be.”

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