Aklavik ENR officers search for caribou wasters

Officers with Environment and Natural Resources are looking for someone who left caribou meat fit for human consumption at the Aklavik landfill.

Under the Wildlife Act, waste of meat from any big game animal that is fit to be eaten is illegal.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call 867-678-0289. ENR is asking harvesters to remember traditional teachings on hunting, including taking only what is needed, using every piece of the harvested animal, sharing what is harvested and passing those teachings on to the next generation.

Spay and neuter clinic coming to Inuvik

Arctic Paws is bringing a veterinarian to town April 17-21 for spay and neuter services, with a priority given to female outdoor dogs.

All surgeries require a co-payment of $25. The veterinarian is Dr. Monica Kovacs.

To submit surgery requests phone or text 867-678-0082.

Beaufort Delta Regional Ski Festival tops the world

Inuvik’s ski trails were bustling with activity this weekend as Inuvik Ski Club held the Beaufort Delta Regional Ski festival March 31 to April 2, topping off the three days of slopes and slaloms with the annual Top of the World Loppet.

This year’s winners were Naomi Drennen in the U6 bracket, Caitlyn Wright completing five kilometres, Dylan Wright completing 3.5 kilometres and Noah Cormier completing 0.5 km in the U10 category, Malakai Drennan in the U14 age group and in the 18+ age range Rebecca Reid topped the 15 km loppet, Anick Jenks was first in 10 km, Cindy Baryluk was first in five km, Adam Wright was first in 3.5 km and Abe Drennen was first in the 0.5 km loppet.

IRC sponsors free swims for all

As the Town of Inuvik’s two-week free swim draws to a close, people eager for a dip in the town’s long-missed pool have another month to do so for free. Inuvialuit Regional Corporation announced on March 29 they have sponsored an entire month of swimming for free to the entire town.

Users are still required to book their time at the pool in advance, as the town is still hiring lifeguards.

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