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Inuvik Pool shut down until further notice on advice of Environmental Health

It was good while it lasted.
It was nice while it lasted — the Town of Inuvik’s pool has been shut down until further notice on the advice of NWT Environmental Health. NNSL file photo

It was good while it lasted.

A May 10 notice from the Town of Inuvik announced the pool has been closed until further notice on advice of the NWT Environmental Health officer.

Stemming from a recent problem of the pool sealant staining patron’s bathing suits, the town said the problem was brought to the attention of the territorial government who issued the recommendation.

“We had already started formulating alternative options to correct the issue without a closure or look at implementing any remedies during the annual maintenance shut down that occurs annually in September,” reads the notice. “As a result of recent events however, we will be diligently pursuing alternative options and remedies immediately and not waiting until September.”

The notice goes on to explain the sealant was recommended by the pool supplier and the problem may stem from a “bad batch” of sealant, as the same product apparently does not rub off on swimmers at other pools.

Noting the closure was done at the behest of Environmental Health, the town notes there is no indication of health risk from the sealant rubbing off.

“Currently, the length of the closure is not known as we explore the options available to us,” said the notice. “The town understands the inconvenience and frustration this will have on the community and the town shares this frustration.”

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