Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell got into a fight outside one of the city’s grocery stores, according to a post on his Facebook account.

Bell was approached by a man on Friday who told him, “I want to fight you,” the post reads.

Then the individual allegedly hit him in the chest.

“I popped him in the jaw with a left, he did the stanky leg and then ran away,” is how the mayor’s social media account describes the incident. “It happened super fast, no idea who the guy was, never seen him before in my life.”

He went on to add that he hopes “it doesn’t happen to anyone else, and yes something has to be done about the people just hanging around outside our stores causing these unprovoked and random attacks. Hopefully we can get them the help they need.”

Bell couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

This post from Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon describes a physical altercation he allegedly engaged in with another man outside a grocery store. Facebook screen capture

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