A knot in the supply chain caused some shelves to go bare in the produce sections of Yellowknife grocers this week.

Yellowknifers posted evidence of the shortage of greenery on social media Wednesday, Dec. 5.

“There was a pile-up on the highways down south that delayed our truck about 20 hours,” said Jeff Kincaid, business development manager at the Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op. “Once he got out of the traffic jam, he couldn’t make it up here in the same day with his log books (because he was limited in how many hours he can drive in a day).”

Kincaid said the truck was stuck behind a collision near Fox Creek, near Edmonton, Alta.

One truck arrived overnight and two others were expected Wednesday evening.

“His truck is frozen now and they’ve been trying to get that thawed out so that he can open the doors and we can unload our truck,” said Kincaid.

He said the store also had other issues regarding the transportation of livestock for harvest connected to the extended cold snap.

“That’s why we had no chickens,” said Kincaid.

Glen Meek likewise said a hiccup in the supply chain led to the produce shortage at Glen’s Independent Grocer downtown, but wouldn’t say whether the collision near Fox Creek played a factor.

“The biggest issue that we’ve been facing is transportation and supply,” said Meek.

Meek was unable to disclose if shortages in the Independent were also a result of the Fox Creek incident. As well, there was no word on if supply issues were in the process/currently being resolved.

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