The $200 cap on sales of alcohol at NWT liquor stores has been lifted.

The GNWT Department of Finance said that the transaction limit, which has been in place since April 16, 2020, is being removed “effective immediately” due to changing circumstances with COVID-19.

Limits of six 375 ml mickeys, however, are st ill in place.

The territorial government put the measures in place as a measure to combat over-consumption of alcohol and bootlegging while ensuring that residents could still have access to alcohol.

During the spring of 2020, the Dene Nation on behalf of nearly 30 chiefs across the territory, pressured the GNWT to restrict alcohol and cannabis sales to protect small communities out of fear that harmful substances were contributing to the threat of COVID-19 spreading.

Simon Whitehouse

Simon Whitehouse came to Yellowknife to work with Northern News Services in 2011. A through and through "County boy" from Prince Edward County, Ont., Simon obtained his journalism education at Algonquin...

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