The Holy Family Lutheran Church has donated $101,000 as the place of worship prepares to close its doors permanently.

The church announced the donation and the creation of the Holy Family Lutheran Legacy Fund on Thursday.

The funds will be used to help address homelessness and food insecurity, as well as to support intervention programs for families in violent homes.

Cathie Bolstad, chairperson for Holy Family Lutheran Church, hopes the pot of money will help continue the work of the religious institution long after the church itself is gone.

“Our members have worked together and with other local organizations to be God’s open arms for close to 50 years here in the City of Yellowknife,” said Bolstad. “Our mission activities have always been shaped by our belief that we are all created in God’s image, holy and dearly loved, and that the church should welcome and embrace all people who come just as they are as we celebrate God’s love and grace. We have created this legacy fund so that our mission activities live on, even after our small church is closed.”

The church, located within Northern United Place on Franklin Avenue, is scheduled for closure on Dec. 31.

The lack of congregation members is the reason why the church is closing, according to Bolstad.

“We’re closing because we are no longer sustainable. It takes a critical mass of people to operate and maintain a church. We’re not there anymore so the time has come to close,” she said.

She also talked about how the donation came about after the church decided to close its doors.

“At at one point, the church owned a home that we used to provide for our pastor, and that was sold in previous years. As part of winding down a charitable organization and closing the doors, you have to close out your assets.

“(The donation was meant) to create the opportunity for the same kinds of things that our members did annually, to continue giving even when we are not continuing as a congregation.”

Applicable organizations will be able to apply for up to $10,000 on an annual basis.

Laurie Gault, chair of the Yellowknife Community Foundation, which will oversee the fund, said, “The Yellowknife Community Foundation is honoured to be entrusted with such a generous donation to establish the Holy Family Lutheran Legacy Fund. We are committed to ensuring that these funds continue to make a meaningful impact for those most vulnerable groups in our Yellowknife community, to embody the values and deep faith of the Holy Family Lutheran congregation. Thank you for this wonderful gift.”

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