Mayor of Iqaluit Kenny Bell posted on Twitter on June 24 that he is planning a motion to have the land tax exemption for churches in the city removed at the next city council meeting.

This comes in light of the discovery of 751 graves located near a former residential school in southern Saskatchewan in an announcement made by Cowessess First Nation, one of multiple such revelations around residential school grounds in Canada since late May.

In addition, Bell has asked city staff to lower all flags on city property and city hall — with the exception of the Pride flag — until June 30, as per a previous council motion.

The next council meeting is set to take place on July 13.

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  1. Didn’t consult with his Inuit councillors before doing this supposedly on their behalf.
    Didn’t talk to the churches to to hear their side.
    Has no idea what the churches deliver to the community.
    Is unclear if this also applies to the local mosque or any of the other places of worship from denominations that have nothing to do with residential schools (The mosque for example, also runs a local food bank)
    Has created division and stoked hate in the community – supposedly on behalf of indigenous people.
    We need allies who will listen to indigenous peoples and follow our lead not white saviours who know best and leave us to clean up the mess.