The Monkey Tree Pub vs NWT Ltd Public Health Act case has been adjourned until Sept. 29

The catalyst for the case initially started on Dec. 15, after a COVID-related ticket was handed to the establishment for the amount of $5,175.

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The ticket was issued to the Pub with regards to being allegedly over capacity on Nov. 14. Co-owner Jennifer Vronbrock challenged it.

First appearing in March, the case had been pushed back numerous times until today, Sept. 1. Now, the case has again been adjourned after Monkey Tree Pub defense lawyer, Steven Whitehead, filed a notice to take more time in looking over the details on the case and consult with those involved.

Roger Shepard, Crown defence for NWT Ltd, agreed with the terms that were introduced by Whitehead.

Judge Gurmail Gill, who was present for the filing, accepted Sept. 29 for the next appearance date in which the matter will take place in Yellowknife Territorial Court.

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