Yellowknifer Angelina Delorme is converting recyclables into traditional Dene drums for her three sons, who are handgames players.

She put a call out on Facebook on Aug. 17, to collect people’s recyclables to cash them in for money.

She said the $2,000 raised so far is going to help her buy drums for her sons’ handgames team, to be used in the next tournament, once the COVID-19 outbreak is no longer active.

“I’m very proud, so grateful of the Yellowknife community. They’re very generous and very helpful,” Delorme said, adding that she picked up two truckloads of recyclables again on Sept. 1 . “And it’s still going strong… my patio is full again.”

Her boys help her sort out the recycled products.

“They take all the caps off,” she said.

She or her husband Larry Delorme drive the bottles and cans to the depot.

“We cash it in to the bank and we are still saving it, so we are just waiting for the guy to (finish making the drums),” she said.

Larry found somebody from Deline to craft 10 hand drums.

Before she even thought about recyclables, her friends suggested a 50/50 draw, “but I don’t know any of that and I didn’t want to get into that, I have no time for it,” said Delorme.

Then a couple of friends recommended collecting recyclables.

“I haven’t even accepted any cash donations,” Delorme said of her success just from redeeming bottles and cans.

She posts on the Yellowknife Facebook group Salvagers Unite,’ updating everyone on the progress they’re making.

People on Facebook advise Delorme of more caches for the taking.

Sarah Kennedy posted, “We have two, maybe three bags.”

Meda Shannahan posted, “That’s awesome, I will start saving mine for you guys.”

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