Smoking is linked to more than two dozen diseases and conditions, including cancer and heart disease, according to Health Canada.

Each day, 100 Canadians die of a smoking-related illness, the federal health department stated.

Devin Case, a pharmacist with Sutherland’s Drugs, said there are always ways to help people quit smoking cigarettes if they are serious about it. As a pharmacist, he always welcomes people to approach him to discuss solutions that will help them give up tobacco, like what kind of the product might work the best for them.

There are multiple methods and products that people can try to aid them in quitting. Case cautioned that it’s common for people to fail on their first try, so it may take a few attempts to find the right product or medication that works best for them.

There are multiple methods that people can try, such as nicotine replacement therapy, or medicines prescribed by a doctor. Some of the undesirable side effects of the nicotine patch, for example, can include coughing and nightmares. In that case, Case suggested that people switch to nicotine chewing gum. He said there’s always a way for people to find a better alternative, but he mentioned that some individuals do not experience any side effects from the medication.

Some employer benefits programs will help cover the costs associated with the smoking cessation process.

“There is research globally that shows to quit smoking can reduce risk of heart disease and a lot of other (diseases),” Case said. “In any time of life, it is not too late to do so, even if you’re a longtime smoker. At the time you quit, the evidence shows that the risk of cancer and other diseases will drop a lot.”

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