There will be no barge arriving in Sachs Harbour this year.

An announcement by the GNWT Oct. 14 said bad weather and a later start in the season meant it was no longer safe to cross the Amundsen Gulf. The news release blamed the delay on climate change slowing buoy placement and causing flooding in both Inuvik and Hay River.

The GNWT stated that it was working to ensure there was enough fuel to get the community through the winter.

“Marine Transportation Services is an essential lifeline for residents and businesses of the Northwest Territories,” said deputy premier Diane Archie. “The Government of the Northwest Territories recognizes the importance of reliable and cost-effective resupply of essential goods and fuel.

“We would like to assure residents of Sachs Harbour that contingency plans are in place and the GNWT is committed to ensuring all necessary fuel and freight arrive in a timely manner.”

The release went on to say Archie has been in contact with Nunakput MLA Jackie Jacobson, who also issued a statement.

“I am working with the minister of Infrastructure to ensure that Marine Transportation Services will make alternate arrangements to get the needed supplies, goods and fuel into the community,” said Jacobson. “I understand there will be no associated costs with the alternate arrangements passed on to residents. The Department of Infrastructure has advised that there is enough fuel on hand in the community for the immediate future. I understand that this may be frustrating news for constituents, but I want people to know that this is a top priority for myself and the minister.

“Minister Archie has committed to meeting with mayors and MLA as soon as an examination of the 2022 shipping season is completed to discuss what is needed to happen for a successful 2023 season.

“If any of my constituents have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact my office,” Jacobson added.

The Marine Transportation Services barge will spend its winter in Paulatuk. It normally winters in Hay River. Sachs Harbour, which has a population of close to 100, was one of 11 communities serviced by the MTS barge.

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  1. Climate Change… It’s human errors and the FACT that the Mackenzie is getting lower and lower. The river is low because of Alberta damming up up our waters. It’s like no one knows nothing and they all screaming about their favorite catastrophe while Savhs suffers.