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NWT health restrictions could ease by April


Dr. Kami Kandola, chief public health officer (CPHO), said that a meeting has been set up with OCPHO staff and that more details would be available with the Emerging Wisely phase three roll-out – set to come out in April.

She was referring to a petition urging public health officials to bring performing arts back to the NWT.

Kandola said we are in a race between vaccines and variants. With a surge in variants in Canada’s south and potential March break travel on the horizon, she said she remains hesitant to further open establishment and allow for larger gathering in something like an outdoor concert. 

“We only would need one UK variant at a live concert before we can get to that vaccine level that we need, and that could produce a significant strain (on the public health system),” she said. 

“We couldn't do it today. We couldn't do it two weeks ago. But towards late April, yes, there is a strong possibility we can do it,” Kandola said. 

CPHO Dr. Kami Kandola said that as vaccine uptick continues in the NWT, residents could see restrictions begin to ease in April. Health Minister Julie Green and Premier Caroline Cochrane look on. Natalie Pressman/NNSL photo

As of March 6, the NWT has delivered 17,057 first doses and 11,151 second doses of the Moderna vaccine to the territory’s adult population. Yellowknife residents can visit the department of Health and Social Services (HSS) booking website to schedule first and second doses, or call Yellowknife Public Health at 867-767-9120.

Though, as of Tuesday afternoon, there is a backlog of online bookings and residents are asked to wait to schedule their vaccine appointments.

To commemorate the 22,000 Canadians who have died from Covid-19 and the millions whose lives have been impacted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared March 11 a national day of observance and all GNWT buildings will fly their flags at half-mast. 

“I hope all Northerners will take a moment out of their day tomorrow to think about the immeasurable impact Covid-19 has had on the lives of many and pay tribute to the many people who could continue to contribute to the fight against the virus,” Premier Caroline Cochrane said.  

“So many of you have endured hardships and challenges in the last year, and our government is committed to making sure that residents emerge stronger from the pandemic.”