Fully vaccinated NWT residents can knock three days off potential self-isolation stints, the territory’s top doctor announced, Jan. 7.

“Individuals infected with the Omicron variant are symptomatic or test positive earlier in the life cycle of the disease with a median of three days,” the statement reads. “It is known that fully vaccinated individuals with COVID-19 infection who are not immunocompromised also clear their infection earlier than those who are not fully vaccinated.”

The Office of the Chief Public Health Advisor said the decision was made after reviewing data that shows the Omicron variant’s relatively-short incubation period and evidence those with all their shots (who aren’t immune-compromised) get rid of the virus faster than those who don’t.

The changes became official Jan. 7 at 5 p.m.

Full details and copies of the order will be available on the GNWT’s Covid-19 website.

See: Current NWT Public Health Orders

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