AVENS thanks the NWT community for raising $250,000 to improve care for seniors at their Yellowknife facility.

The fundraising initiative called, Operation Care on Call, was launched on Oct. 18 and initially designed as a 7-month project. The target was met in less than 4 months.

The funds will go towards replacing the 30-year-old nurse call bell system.

An effective nurse call bell system ensures patients are able to alert staff remotely when they need assistance.

“The need of a rapid response communication between resident and caregiver is now more important than ever,” said AVENS President and CEO, Daryl Dolynny.

“Better care through innovation are the hallmarks of our facility’s responsiveness to our clients’ changing needs. When quick response matters, AVENS is now in a unique position to revolutionize the traditional use of nurse call systems in Seniors Care.”

Julie Green, Minister of Health and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors, was “very pleased” with the outcome of the fundraiser.

“Seniors are cherished members of NWT communities and families, and the GNWT is committed to providing support that enables them to live healthy, independent lives. This means prioritizing top quality care for residents at AVENS and in all senior care homes across the territory.”

Bronwyn Watters, Chair of AVENS Fundraising Committee and AVENS Board Chair, Matthew Spence, also wished to express their gratitude for the community of Yellowknife coming together.

“Once again NWT residents have stepped up to support our efforts to improve resident safety at AVENS.”

On Feb, 23, at noon, AVENS staff, board members, and residents stood outside the Franklin Ave complex to safely give a thank you wave to the community.

AVENS is a non-profit that aims to meet the needs of not only Yellowknife seniors but all across the NWT.

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