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NWT Wildfires: Evacuated expecting mothers being contacted by NTHSSA

Stanton’s Territorial Hospital says it is reaching out to pregnant women 34 weeks or prior to discuss repatriation.
Women who were 33 weeks into their pregnancy as of Sept. 6 are being contacted in regards to repatriation to Yellowknife. NNSL file photo

Stanton’s Territorial Hospital says it is reaching out to pregnant women 34 weeks or prior to discuss repatriation.

An update was published to the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority website Sept. 13.

“On Sept. 13th STH obstetrics remains emergency only; urgent care of pregnant individuals, including laboring will be provided,” reads the posting. “On Sept. 14th Obstetrics will open to full services.

“Pregnant individuals who were 33 weeks on September 6th – and who were asked to not return to Yellowknife - are being contacted directly on September 13th and 14th to discuss repatriation and answer questions. If you are in this group and have not yet returned to Yellowknife, you will be contacted prior to Friday, September 15th. If you are not contacted in this time and have questions, you can reach the Stanton Obstetrics team at 867-669-4155.”

Women who are further into their pregnancy are advised to speak to a local doctor to discuss their options. Travelling by road is highly discouraged due to the time frame involved, the potential for road closures, potential mobile phone outages and other disruptions.

People who are from communities still under evacuation order may elected to stay in their current location.

Pediatrics has resumed to 100 per cent service capacity as of Sept. 12, along with full inpatient capacity in the Psychiatry unit and the Stanton Eye Clinic. All surgical beds have opened up and elective surgeries are expected to resume next week. Rehab outpatient and inpatient services have resumed at 100 per cent capacity.

Lab and Diagnostic imaging is at 95 per cent capacity and is expected to resume outpatient collection services on Sept. 18. Primary care is at 85 per cent capacity.

“Same Day access and rescheduled appointments at both clinic locations 0830 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,” says the posting. “Same Day appointments are available on Thursday Sept. 14 until 8:30 p.m. and Saturday Sept. 16 from 1000 to 3:30 p.m.. Call (867) 767-9294 for Same Day appointments.”

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