The GNWT Department of Finance rolled out its Evacuation Travel Support Program as of Tuesday.

The program provides funding for NWT residents who, by order, evacuated their home community by vehicle because of the 2023 wildfires.

Individuals are able to apply for a one-time payment of $750 if they drove out of the NWT. Evacuees who drove from their home community to another NWT community can apply for $450.

“Evacuees who left by road but need to return by air will be eligible to register for organized re-entry flights paid for by the GNWT,” the territorial government’s website states. “Details on how to register will come as re-entry planning progresses.”

Eligible evacuees can choose between direct deposit to their bank account or receive a cheque by mail.

Those who qualify need to complete the application form online or print the form and then submit it to their evacuation centre.

“Applicants will be required to register as an evacuee with the GNWT and provide a financial institution stamp or void cheque for direct deposit,” the GNWT website reads. “Applicants will also need to provide the licence plate number of the vehicle you used to evacuate.”

Kaicheng Xin

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