A Yellowknife artist is serving up spooks in middle May with a horror themed art show at the Top Knight from 6:30 to 11:00 p.m.

“I have spent the last three years crafting my magnum opus in black which is my art show titled ‘Ever Dark’,” MacIntosh said. “’Ever Dark’ is a northern themed horror art show, showcasing the darker themes of our North, based on both real and imagined concepts.”

Though MacIntosh originally came up with the idea for the show October 2017, he’s been waiting the last couple of years to get it rolling due to Covid.

“I wanted to get it out a couple years ago, but because of Covid it just wasn’t happening,” said MacIntosh. “I was all set to do it last October. But once again, town shut down.”

Despite not having it on the spookiest month of October, MacIntosh will still get a bit of the horror vibe as the show does take place on Friday the 13th.

MacIntosh, who says he’s been away from the Yellowknife art scene for some time to get back in touch with his artistic vision, is excited to return and offer an alternative artistic experience “than what (northerners are) accustomed to.”

“I find that for, whatever reason, our the northern art scene is very conservative,” he said.

“Much the same as the thrill one gets from watching a good horror movie,” he continued. “I want to creep you out and set you off balance. I want to provoke a reaction. I believe art should be provocative and that it should move you in one way or another.”

Overall, MacIntosh stresses that his show is meant to be a fun endeavour and not a negative critique on the city or northern communities.

“It’s a yin to the yang of the beauty that is usually represented and showcased in northern art,” he said.

MacIntosh’s art will be for sale with original t-shirts available. As well, admission will be free to the event, with “finger” foods included.

MacIntosh promises to be one “hell” of a good time.

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