A Northwest Territories resident in Yellowknife, who recently travelled and returned from outside the territory, has COVID-19.

Dr. Kami Kandola, chief public health officer reported that the single case was identified in an Aug. 10 statement.

She said that the person is isolating and doing well and that there is no further public risk for the case.

“This incident demonstrates that the current public health measures are working to identify cases early and minimize the risk of further spread,” she said.

Kandola added that as cases increase outside of the NWT that case numbers will grow in the North.

“The OCPHO would like to remind the public that we expect an increase in COVID-19 introductions into NWT as case numbers increase in the rest of Canada, public health measures are relaxed in many places, and travel volume into NWT increases,” she said.

Public health officials are asking people to visit the Travel Hotspots feature on the GNWT COVID-19 website to determine one’s personal comfort level related to travel risk.

The NWT’s top doctor did not say if the most recent case is related to the Delta variant, but said that strain “becoming more common in Canada” and that “COVID-19 is shifting to a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’

“Those who are not protected are at higher risk,” Kandola said. “Getting vaccinated is the best protection for yourself and your community.”

The OCPHO is asking people to visit the GNWT’s COVID-19 website for information about the Delta Variant and to monitor the COVID-19 dashboard for the latest updates.

Simon Whitehouse

Simon Whitehouse came to Yellowknife to work with Northern News Services in 2011. A through and through "County boy" from Prince Edward County, Ont., Simon obtained his journalism education at Algonquin...

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