Georgina Frankie, 58, is a woman on a mission.

Frankie is a Tłı̨chǫ seamstress whose work is exhibited in the The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

But today, she is a one-person protester.

For the past week she has stood outside the Post Office on Franklin Ave. to advocate Indigenous rights.

Frankie stands alone, except the occasional toot of a horn or well wisher, and rotates two placards.

The first reads: STOP murdering homeless.

Asked if she has ever been homeless, Frankie is quick to reply: “Lots of times — I’m Indigenous,”

“I’m protesting how we are treated by the Government: it’s inhumane,” said Frankie.

She is demanding more affordable housing; the second placard reads: Homeless tiny house fundraising.

Frankie said she will join another community member this weekend to look at building tiny homes as a solution.

Until then, she will stand Franklin Ave. with her signs.

“Let the whole of Yellowknife know, if you’re not helping, you’re harming.”

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