The City of Yellowknife is advising residents of changes to its parking meter app over the next several weeks.

As of Tuesday, May 31, the current City’s Parking Meter App is no longer be available for use.

Following May 31, users who try to pay for parking meters with the app will receive a message stating “MacKay Pay is no longer available at this location.”

During this time, residents must pay for parking meters using coins.

The City and its Municipal Enforcement Division are working with a new provider to establish a similar user interface and platform that will have the same features residents are used to. Approximately six weeks is needed to implement this new service.

Though in April of 2022, the City had given the go ahead for the implementation of the Administrative Monetary Parking System (AMPS), which helps residents to dispute a parking ticket by requesting a hearing through the City instead of going through justice of the peace court. As well, it also assists the City by reducing the time municipal enforcement officers spend serving summons and appearing in court.

Initially presented at a city meeting in September 2019, AMPS is expected to be introduced by late 2022.

However, after confirmation by the City of Yellowknife, the current Parking Meter App situation is not in relation to the AMPS.

With regards to the new app, the City stated that residents will be updated when the new app is operational and instructions about the new app will be shared.

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