To add to the ongoing backlash that is emerging from the residents of Yellowknife regarding Tin Can Hill discussions that took place during City Council’s meeting on Monday, May 30, a petition against the proposed project has now been launched through

“Recreational users of Tin Can Hill are at risk of losing enjoyment of this valuable piece of land,” reads the petition. “Construction could start as early as 2023 to place buildings and parking lots in place of what is currently a recreational green space. Residents of Yellowknife must stop the City of Yellowknife from rezoning the Tin Can Hill Recreation Area for development. If we do not stop this from happening, the land will be rezoned and transferred to Aurora College to build a University. Tin Can Hill must be protected from any development, business, residential or otherwise. Tin Can Hill is not the place for a University or any other development.”

The petition has a goal of 100 signatures, which it has already 50 per cent of at the time of writing.

While the petition echoes statements made by other residents, citizens of the City (specifically those in the downtown area where Tin Can Hill is) will have to wait until June 6 at 7 p.m. for Special Council’s vote on whether or not they enter into a Memorandum of Understanding.

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