Prime Time, a local band, were declared the winners of 2023 Main Stage Showdown hosted by Folk On The Rocks.

The event was a talent show for all performing arts and the winners took home $500 in cash and were given a main stage slot during the Folk On The Rocks festival in July.

Chris Pyke, vocalist and guitarist for Prime Time, said that winning was an exciting moment and he looks forward to being able to play at the main stage.

Prime Time, previously known as Prime Time Prine, plays covers of John Prine’s music.

Pyke said that the judges are more keen on people who produce original work over covers, so Pyke went to work and wrote three songs for the band to play. He said that the band went along with it and they began precising the songs for the showdown. Other than the prefererance for original music and a 10 minute time limit for each of the performers, he wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I had no idea which categories we were being judged on,” he said. “We just got up and did our thing.”

He said there was a lot of diversity in each band’s style. They played hip hop, rap, traditional folk, rock, and so on.

He said that Prime Time’s genre was dusty folk country blues.

The Folk On The Rocks festival is from July 14 to 16. Tickets are available on their website.

Jonathan Gardiner

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