Investigations by the fire marshal into explosions in Yellowknife and Hay River have confirmed that propane was a factor in both incidents.

Jay Boast, communications and planning adviser for the GNWT, released a statement relating to the circumstances.

“The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) can confirm that propane gas was involved in both the Hay River and Yellowknife explosion incidents and neither are considered to be suspicious.

“Although the specific cause and circumstances of these incidents are still under investigation, the OFM would like to remind residents to ensure all gas fitting work is carried out by qualified persons under a valid permit,” the statement reads. “Residents who have gas appliances may want to consider additional safety measures to protect themselves, including installation of CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and a propane gas detector, where applicable.”

Boast added that the OFM does not anticipate releasing any further information on the two incidents.

The incident on Dagenais Drive in Yellowknife caused irreparable damage to the residence occupied by Marina and Scott Dyke, along with their two children, after an explosion and subsequent fire on Dec. 6.

The family and their pets escaped with their lives, but Marina Dyke suffered frostbite on her feet during the immediate aftermath.

The cost of damages to their property is still unknown. According to Dwayne Simmons, Marina’s brother, the home will have to be completely replaced. The family was able to salvage some clothing from the wreckage, but nothing else.

In Hay River, an explosion and fire occurred at a property on Beaver Crescent on Nov. 26.

The Hay River Fire Department arrived at the scene within minutes of the blast and were able to stop the fire from spreading.

Several other properties sustained damaged, however, including broken windows. Two people suffered “non-critical” injuries, according to the municipal government.

The power and propane were disconnected from the property where the explosion occurred following the incident.

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