The RCMP is seeking information from the public in an ongoing homicide investigation following the shooting death of a 36-year-old man last August.

Feysal Farah was shot and killed in an apartment building on Con Road on Aug. 20, 2022.

“Since that time investigators have been working to identify the person or persons responsible for the murder,” the Mounties stated in a news release on Tuesday.

The Major Crime Unit recently received new information about this homicide and is actively working to follow up on the new leads, the police force added. The RCMP has confirmed that there were several people present at the time of the fatal shooting, but they have not been forthcoming, according to the Mounties.

“At this point in the investigation, it is clear that there are a number of people who witnessed the murder and who have information that can assist this investigation,” states Const. Alexander Fanning of the Major Crime Unit. “We aren’t asking for new information from the public at this time but we are appealing to witnesses, who were present and have information, to contact us.”

Investigators remain in close contact with Farah’s family and are providing frequent updates.

“This family needs answers about what happened to their loved one. We are going to investigate this matter to the fullest extent to try and bring some sense of closure to them. If you were there and have information that can help provide answers, do the right thing, and call the police,” Fanning said.

Anyone who was present or has knowledge about the murder is asked to call the Yellowknife RCMP at 669-1111.

The police also expressed concern over a trend of possession and use of illegal firearms. In 2022, 25 handguns were seized in the NWT, up from nine handgun seizures in 2021, seven in 2020 and two in 2019.

“Gun violence has no place in the North,” states RCMP Insp. Dean Riou, assistant criminal operations officer for the NT RCMP. “Illegally possessed firearms in the hands of criminals present a real and serious danger to the public. The RCMP is committed to getting these weapons, and the people that would use them for violence or to instill fear in our communities, off our streets. The people who are bringing these weapons to our communities need to understand that we will use every available resource to identify them and bring them before the courts.”

Derek Neary

Derek Neary has been reporting on developments in the North for 18 years. When he's not writing for Nunavut News, he's working on Northern News Services' special publications such as Opportunities North,...

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  1. Gun violence is sprwading like the plague because of the current Liberal government’s “soft on crime” policies. They’ve reduced mandatory minimum sentencing for many firearms related offences, even gun smuggling! I kid you not.
    Until our government begins to target criminals and not law abiding firearms owners, these types of crimes will continue unabated. And watch for the influx of 3D printed firearms. You have a Liberal MP. Ask McLeod why nothing is being done.