Richard Edjericon announced he’s joining the race for the vacant Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh seat, Jan. 10.

In a written statement, the now-fourth candidate said he will focus on bringing “constituent and community concerns to the forefront in work as an MLA, and to work closely with the GNWT Premier, Cabinet, and MLAs.”

Like Nadine Delmore, Edjericon also ran for the seat in 2019.

“After speaking with my family, and my relatives, and talking to the children, they think it’s a good idea,” he said.

When asked about his thoughts on the opposition, Edjericon is choosing to focus the issues that have been brought to his attention as opposed to discussing his opponents.

“It’s a democratic process,” he said. “We’ve all done it before.”

As for the aforementioned issues, Edjericon hopes to work closely with Indigenous Governments to help address their issues and concerns, regarding items such as land claims, housing, socio-economic issues, trades training and education.

On top of this, Edjericon also mentioned several other items that he wishes to pursue including;

Working with the Fort Resolution Hamlet Council, as well as supporting the Building Canada Fund Program.

Looking into why Historical Indigenous Land status of IAB Indian Affair Branch lands were previously tax exempt and are now being taxed.

Working with Lutsel K’e to improve essential services such as the youth center, internet services for the community, and housing material supplies at the local level.

Edjericon will also engage in the capital planning process to build new residential lots in Dettah, Ndilo, Lutsel K’e and Fort Resolution NT for new home construction.

Like his fellow candidates, Edjericon won’t be conducting personal visits during the byelection, choosing to leave brochures for voters in their home mailboxes.

“At the end of the day, this pandemic is here, we’re not through it yet,” said Edjericon. “We just need to rely on each other and our families to remain strong and support each other during these difficult times.”

The deadline to declare candidacy for the seat is Jan. 14. The vote, conducted exclusively through mail-in-ballot, will be counted Feb. 8.

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