The Rotary Club of Yellowknife is selling wreaths as a fundraising initiative once again this year, but the price reflects the rising cost of goods and supplies.

“The wreaths committee and its chairperson Marta Moir did expect some higher expenses from our Nova Scotia supplier, who is also having issues finding workers,” said James O’Connor, public relations director for the club.

As a result, this year’s wreaths will go for $70 apiece compared to the $50 that was charged last year. Sales began with customer orders placed recently at the Co-op Grocery Store.

In 2021, the organization sold 650 of the wreaths. This year 350 were brought in and most of those are already spoken for, so another 50 may be ordered from the supplier.

O’Connor said even though demand for the traditional Christmas decorations has dropped, there should still be enough to ensure that everyone who wants to put one on their door is able to do so.

Joint Task Force North (JTFN) assisted in getting the wreaths in stock.

For those who make a purchase, there is a delivery service provided by the Rotary and JTFN volunteers.

The proceeds from wreath sales will go towards Rotary projects in Yellowknife, such as enhancing the Range Lake Trail.

The Rotary is a global organization that promotes peace, supports education, grows local economies and more.

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