Residents of Sachs Harbour can once again drink water straight from the source, although the Do Not Consume Advisory related to fuel contamination remains in effect for some houses and buildings.

On April 8, the GNWT’s Chief Environmental Health Officer provided an update to the advisory, which has been in place since March 23. Samples taken on March 25 show it is safe to drink water straight from the source, including water delivered by truck.

However, residents in affected homes are still advised not to drink water from their tap while the contamination is being resolved, even if the water has been boiled first. Residents of affected buildings are also still advised not to use their home’s water for things like washing produce, brushing teeth, or showers or baths for toddlers and young children. These residents should instead continue to get their water from the hamlet.

Although cleaning is underway in affected buildings, the statement advises that “If you still smell fuel from the water in your home after cleaning is completed, please contact the community government. Additional flushing of the piping may be needed.”

More updates will be provided once the affected buildings have been cleaned and new samples have been taken and analysed.

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