Some people’s least favourite occasion is approaching: Valentine’s Day. The day where you focus on your relationship with your partner, but only if you actually have one.

For singles, it’s a day that reminds them of how lonely they are.

Sara Aloimonos, certified life-coach and owner of local life-coaching business Monarch Coaching, introduces a different way of thinking of Valentine’s Day by celebrating love for yourself.

She describes how society generally views Valentine’s Day for contrast.

“Valentines Day is seen as the day to express your love with fancy dinners, gifts, flowers and all that jazz,” she said. “These material items symbolize the emotions that come out of the heart.

“It’s a lot of pressure. Some love it, some hate it. It shines a light on their relationship and their relationship status. Normally people don’t care if they’re single. Valentine’s Day highlights that yes, they are.”

Aloimonos said that focusing on mutual love between partners on Valentine’s Day is okay but that love for yourself is another important part of the holiday that is rarely spoken about.

“Whether you’re in a relationship or single, why can’t Valentine’s Day include the love we have for ourselves?”

Aloimonos suggests that the day also be used to show oneself extra kindness and gives ideas of how singles, and those who need to focus on themselves, can do so.

Make a date with yourself.

Get takeout and watch your favourite movie.

Cook your favourite meal while blasting tunes.

Get a spa treatment complete with champagne.

Show love for your body by hitting an exercise class.

Take a bubble bath with your favourite book.

Journal all the ways you’re an amazingly, lovable human.

Do something kind for someone else.

“The idea is to do these things and be present with yourself. Be in the moment and soak up those love feels.”

An unofficial holiday that is associated with celebrating singlehood is Singles Awareness Day, which falls on the day after Valentine’s Day.

Aloimonos believes that the unofficial holiday suffers the same problem that Valentine’s Day usually does, singling people out.

“Singles Awareness Day still separates those in relationships and those that are not,” she said. “Why do we need to create this separation?”

“The good thing about SAD is that you can celebrate love with family and friends whereas Valentine’s Day is focused on romantic love between partners, although many celebrate with kids too, myself included.”

“Why not focus on loving yourself no matter which day you might ‘belong’ to?

“If you get flowers or a date, great. If not, you have your fun-loving self to celebrate with.”

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