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Silversmith class welcomes beginners

Yellowknife Guild of Arts and Crafts started a silversmith class, open to people with no experience.
These materials are included in the tuition, the most common being silver and copper. Some of the materials are recycled scraps, which students will turn into a finished product. Kaicheng Xin/NNSL photo

For Kris Schlagintweit, instructing a class in silversmithing is a return to her beginnings.

Schlagintweit, who has been teaching at the Yellowknife Guild of Arts and Crafts over 15 years, became interested in silversmithing during high school, as a student in a similar class to the one she is teaching now.

From B.C., she travelled to learn about silversmithing, which took her to Ontario, Alberta and Mexico.

Schlagintweit also has a silver studio at home so she can practice and craft something during her downtime.

She never turned this into a full-time career, saying that the most important thing is to be creative and to share the knowledge.

The six-week night school for silversmithing, which started on Wednesday at the guild’s building on Kam Lake Road, runs once per week, three hours per night and can accommodate up to eight students.

Schlagintweit said a lot of people come to the class to develop a hobby and skills. Then they find that even the simplest introductory project, such as a ring, can make them really satisfied.

“I just like to silversmith, to learn different techniques and to make more complex things,” said Amy Maund, one of the students in the class.

The course is friendly to those even with zero experience, and all the materials and tools are included in the tuition.

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