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Stanton Foundation raffle hits 50 per cent sold mark

The Stanton Hospital Foundation turns 25 years old this year and that means a celebration of sorts.
The Stanton Hospital Foundation is hoping to purchase eight wireless fetal heart monitors, similar to this, with the proceeds from its 25th anniversary raffle. Image courtesy of General Electric

The Stanton Hospital Foundation turns 25 years old this year and that means a celebration of sorts.

That celebration includes a raffle and it’s getting close.

This year’s raffle has its primary drawing on March 25 and there’s a lot of cash up for grabs. The grand prize winner will take home $25,000, while the second through fifth-prize winners each get $12,500. Sixth and seventh prize is $10,250, eighth through 10th get $5,250, 13th to 15th receive $2,250 apiece and 17th and 18th prize is $1,250. There are also giveaways in between provided by Northwestel — this year’s title sponsor — along with Canadian Tire and Canadian North.

In all, 19 prizes will be awarded totalling $119,000.

If you notice a pattern in the cash amounts, there’s a reason for that, said Patty Olexin-Lang, the foundation’s executive director.

“It’s our 25th anniversary, so all of our cash prizes have the number 25 in them,” she said.

And there’s also the 50/50 draw, which stood at $62,190 as of Thursday afternoon, the winner gets half the amount on draw day. If it happened Thursday afternoon, the winning ticket would cash out $31,095.

Olexin-Lang said last year’s 50/50 amount topped $79,000 with close to $40,000 going to the winner.

“I’m hoping we can get close to last year’s number, even hit $80,000 if we can,” she said.

All of the funds raised through this year’s raffle go toward the purchase of fetal monitoring equipment and bladder scanners, two important pieces of equipment the hospital is looking to acquire to help improve patient care, said Olexin-Lang.

The hospital has fetal monitors already, she said, but the replacement monitors are wireless and will allow for some mobility.

“Any woman who is giving birth is put on a monitor, but because the current ones have cables, the mother is in bed and can’t get up to walk around,” she said. “These new ones are Wi-Fi, so the mother can get out of bed and move around. That will make a huge difference.”

The foundation is looking to purchase eight of the wireless monitors at a cost of $35,000 each.

The bladder scanners are for the urology department and the hope is to purchase three of those, said Olexin-Lang, with a price tag of $21,000 a piece. The scanners provide 3D imaging of the bladder to diagnose, manage and treat urinary outflow dysfunction.

“It’s all about making visits to the hospital as comfortable as possible for patients and to try and ensure they don’t have to head south for treatment,” she said.

More than half of the available tickets for each draw have been sold, she added. Tickets can be bought right up until noon on March 25.

All of the $10 tickets for the 50/50 draw have been sold, but tickets can still be bought for the other packages. For the main draw, the 100-for-$100 packages are sold out, but everything else remains open.

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