Aklavik has ended its state of emergency.

Hamlet officials declared the emergency over at 12:40 p.m. June 5, which also happens to be Inuvialuit Day.

Noting water levels are receding, Mayor Andrew Charlie added water and sewer systems are back to normal operation. Aside from some damaged roads, most of the hamlet was spared from the floodwaters.

“Most houses were good, everything is elevated,” he said. “What really suffered was some of the roads in the community. Our surface road to the dump decayed a little bit.

“But other thank that, spirits are high in Aklavik and there was minimum damage to the community.

He credited the hamlet’s flood preparedness committee, which he noted meets regularly to plan ahead as well as review past performances, with helping Aklavik avoid serious damage.


Saying that everything was handled exactly as it needed, Charlie said things played out the way they frequently do each year.

“We’ll learn from this,” he said. “Next year we’ll probably go through it again.”

Municipal and Community Affairs has been contacted to begin returning the 166 people who were evacuated last weekend back home. Flights are to begin Monday, June 7. All evacuees will be contacted by hamlet staff.

Charlie expressed his thanks for all the support the territory has provided for evacuees and the hamlet as it dealt with the flood waters. He also thanked the residents for their patience.

“Thanks for all the individuals who stepped up,” he said. “Big thanks to our hamlet staff. Big thanks to the Rangers over in Aklavik, and also to our residents who have been evacuated. Thanks for your patience.

“We understand they were well taken care of in Inuvik, so thank you to the people who helped out there as well. The outpouring of support is greatly appreciated on this side.”

The notice adds the hamlet office will be open until 9 a.m. June 6 to answer any questions people currently in the hamlet or returning to it may have.

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