Inuvik’s Team Wainman is fundraising for their next season of curling bonspiels and over 30 artists are donating their work to help them along the way.

To help them cover the team’s $30,000+ budget the team is giving away 30 pairs of Beaufort Delta-original handcrafted earrings.

“We’re doing a mother’s day raffle,” said Reese Wainman.

Three bonspiels are in their sights this season — the 2023 Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island, the 2022 Arctic Winter Games in Wood Buffalo, Alta. and the U21 National Curling Championships in March. This is on top of the need to regularly travel to Yellowknife to compete.

The girls and their parents have been working hard to raise funds. Raffles have been held on major holidays since the start of the year to help cover the travel costs to attend these events and the team held a pancake breakfast on April 10, but Inuvik Curling Club president Nick Saturnino said this was the largest fundraiser the group has put on.

“The parents and the team are fundraising year-round so the girls can curl competitively and get the training they require and play in the competitions,” he said. “Over 30 artists have donated at least one pair of earrings. We thought it would be really nice to showcase the artists and their earrings.”

Alexandria Testart-Campbell and Reese Wainman glance back as Black Fly Studios owner Tony Devlin takes photos of handcrafted earrings. A total of 30 unique pairs of earrings are up for grabs in a Mother’s Day raffle to fundraise for Team Wainman. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

In addition to the donated earrings, Black Fly Studios provided free photography and video services to promote the Mother’s Day raffle.

Alexandria Testart-Campbell said Team Wainman was grateful for the support of the community so far.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed,” she said.

Tickets to win a set of handmade earrings are $20 will be on sale this weekend and can be purchased by sending an electronic money transfer to The draw is May 6.

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