Ainsley and Colin Dempsey first opened The Gallery on 47th Street in 2010 inside their home.

The venture featured works from various artists throughout the NWT.

In 2016, the gallery was closed and Elke’s Table was opened in its place at 4911 47 St.

Twelve years after they originally started, the Dempsey’s have reopened their gallery to the public again, nearby at 4909 47 St., but only for a limited time.

Ainsley shared her excitement.

“We’re really happy with the artists. We’re happy with the community response and all of the social media response. We hope lots of people come out to enjoy it,” she said.

Regarding the future of the gallery, she said, “We’re letting it go where it’s going to go. If there’s enough artists interested that we carry forward to the spring, we’re going to do that.”

Caitlin Herringer was one of the first people to attend the reopening of the gallery.

“Post-pandemic, it’s really nice to see things like this start up again, get out and meet people, learn new things and see some really cool art. I love Northern art and I think it’s really unique and spectacular.”

A wall of art on display inside The Gallery On 47th Street. Jonathan Gardiner/NNSL photo.

Events will be held at least once a week until Dec. 2. All events take place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sept. 16 – Selections from past Cape Dorset collections

Sept. 29 – Underlying Hues, a new collection of original work by Adele Bisaillon

Oct. 14 – 2022 Cape Dorset Preview Show

Oct. 21 – A new collection of original work by Laurence Bilodeau

Nov. 4 – A new collection of original work by Tracey Bryant Sept. 23 – A new collection of original work by Brian Jasper

Oct. 7 – A new collection of original digital art by Carey Bray

Oct. 15 – The 2022 Cape Dorset Print Collection

Oct. 28 – Landscapes, a new collection of original work by Aidan Cartwright

Nov. 10 – A new collection of original work by Jessica McVicker

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