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Town of Inuvik threatens to impound unsafely driven ATVs

Town of Inuvik Mayor Clarence Wood says officials are stepping up enforcement of proper ATV use, calling it a “growing issue.”
Town of Inuvik Mayor Clarence Wood says the town is stepping up enforcement of safe ATV use, even going so far as impounding the vehicles if used unsafely. Black Press file photo

Town of Inuvik Mayor Clarence Wood says officials are stepping up enforcement of proper ATV use, calling it a “growing issue.”

The Town of Inuvik posted the announcement to its social media feed at 10:56 a.m. Sept. 13.

“There has been an increase in the number of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’S) being operated illegally within the Town of Inuvik,” reads the notice, signed by Wood. “A large number of ATV’s are being operated on Town streets without license plates, insurance and without helmets. In some cases they are being operated by minors.

“We understand that ATV riding is a popular recreational activity, but it is essential to strike a balance between enjoying this pastime and respecting the safety of our community members. Please join us in this effort to ensure that Inuvik remains a safe place for generations to come.”

The town says it is taking the following measures to crack down on unsafe driving:

1. Awareness Campaign: The town says it will launch a “comprehensive awareness campaign to educate the public about the importance of responsible ATV use, the applicable regulations, and the consequences of illegal operation.”

2. Increased Enforcement: The town says “local authorities will be increasing patrols and monitoring of ATV activities to enforce existing regulations. Those found operating ATVs unlawfully will face penalties up to and including impounding the ATV.”

3. Community Engagement: The town is encouraging community members to report any illegal ATV activities they see, saying “We rely on your vigilance to help maintain safety within our town.”

4. Support for Safe Riding: Lastly, the town says it will “work to provide resources and information to support responsible ATV riders, including safety courses and information on designated riding areas.”

Inuvik RCMP backed up the town, saying they were helping enforce safety.

“Residents in Inuvik have expressed an increasing number of concerns about the operation of ATV’s in Inuvik,” said NT RCMP media relations officer Cpl. Matt Halstead. “In response to these concerns, the Town of Inuvik and the Inuvik RCMP are partnering on a campaign to raise awareness, educate riders and enforce laws and bylaws relating to the operation of ATV’s. Residents are reminded that legal operation of ATVs within town limits and on highways includes the rider having a valid driver’s licence, appropriate insurance and all riders and passengers wearing a helmet. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in fines or having your ATV impounded.

“The safe use of roadways by all vehicles, including ATVs, is an important aspect of public safety and an important priority for the Town of Inuvik and the Inuvik RCMP. The RCMP will be out in the community to educate riders and enforce ATV regulations. The Inuvik RCMP are encouraging residents who witness unsafe ATV activity or ATV’s being operated by unlicensed minors, to call the police or the Town of Inuvik Municipal Enforcement Officers.

“Anyone who needs to report activity related to unsafe ATV operation is asked to contact the Inuvik RCMP at 777-1111 or the Town of Inuvik Municipal Enforcement office at 867-777-8616. In the event of an emergency call, 911.”

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