Close to 70 people joined what was dubbed a Freedom Convoy in Yellowknife on Jan. 29, protesting government-mandated Covid-19 vaccinations.

“We’re out supporting the truckers,” Simon Hodge, a co-organizer of the event said outside city hall. “We’re opposed to ongoing mandates, lockdowns and, generally, the government’s Covid measures. People generally, I think, in Canada are tired of it. They’re looking at the risks of Covid and weighing them against the harms that are being caused by Covid-response measures.”

Nicole Soka, another member of the rally, said, “This is not a Canada I recognize. There’s no accountability, like these mandates, these regulations, how long are they in place for? No one’s asked. We simply haven’t had the conversations.”

Signs planted at the site read “No More Lies, No More Lockdowns” and “Conversation = Key.”

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The procession started at Fred Henne Territorial Park at 2 p.m. and concluded at Yellowknife City Hall around 3:45 p.m. after processing along Old Airport Road and through downtown.

In front of city all, protesters broke into chants, including, “Trudeau has got to go.”

Participants also expressed solidarity with the inter-provincial convoy led by truckers that reached Ottawa on Saturday. Thousands of demonstrators in the nation’s capital expressed opposition to pandemic health restrictions and the federal government forcing truck drivers to be vaccinated to cross the international border with the United States. The Prime Minister and his family were temporarily relocated during the demonstration, according to national media reports.

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  1. Way to go Yellowknife!!!
    The Yukon is also standing up and demanding freedoms from government overreach.

  2. Yes. Throw the bum out. We dont need a liar , racist, drama queen. We need a honest leader. And NO MORE VACINES AND NO MORE MANDATES.

  3. Yay! Great work Truckers! Convoy for Freedom! We the people say NO, we don’t want government forced vaccine mandates. We are the majority. It’s time for weak cowardly Trudeau to pack his things and go.
    #FreedomConvoy #Truckers #NoVaxMandates #Ottawa #Canada #FreedomConvoy2022