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Tuktoyaktuk offers $10,000 cash prize for getting vaccinated

Anyone who has both vaccines by Aug. 15 can enter into $10,000 draw
The Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk is serious about getting its citizens vaccinated. So serious, they’re offering a $10,000 cash prize for anyone who gets both shots by Aug. 15. Eric Bowling/NNSL photo

Getting vaccinated in Tuktoyaktuk will soon not just be a smart and healthy decision. It could also win you $10,000.

As of July 15, anyone in the hamlet who has gotten at least one vaccination shot will be entered into a draw for cash prizes, with a $3,000 jackpot.

“Our numbers are pretty low here,” said Mayor Erwin Elias. “We have a number of cash prizes we’re going to be giving out. We have a grand prize to try and make sure everybody has their shots.

“No more waiting around.”

Elias said the idea first came up during a brainstorming session at the hamlet’s June 9 council meeting. Within 24 hours, E. Gruben’s Transport had pledged $10,000 for the pool and the community quickly fund-raised an addition $12,000 for what has been called the “Crush Covid-19 Giveaway.”

Two draws will be held, the first on July 15 with a grand prize draw of $10,000 on Aug. 15. Only people who have received both vaccination shots will be eligible for the draw and will need to have proof of getting vaccinated.

Prizes for the July 15 draw start at $3,000 for first, $2,000 for second place, $1,000 for third place. Fourth prize is a $500 voucher at the Northern store and three fifth prizes of $200 vouchers at Stanton’s. Prizes for the Aug. 15 draw start at $10,000 for first, $3,000 for second, $1,000 for third, a $500 voucher at Northern for fourth place, and two draws for a $200 voucher at Stanton’s. Only one entry per person.

Hamlet officials have been working earnestly to encourage people to get vaccinated, with several public postings reminding residents the community needs to reach 80 per cent vaccination to be able to open up further. Noting the hamlet could resume public gatherings at Kitti Hall, dances and other normal facets of life, Elias said this was to help give the hamlet the final push.

“I’m don’t know if we’re the first community in the Northwest Territories to be doing this,” he said. “But we’re definitely the first ones to do it in the Beaufort Delta.”

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