A Do Not Consume advisory is in effect for all tap water in Sachs Harbour as of March 23.

A visible sheen of gasoline and odour to match was found in drinking water at a number of homes which had recently received a delivery, prompting the Environmental Health Officer to issue the advisory.

No illnesses have been reported and the advisory is being issued in an abundance of caution. The advisory applies to anyone who has received water since March 21.

Do Not Consume also means minimize use overall. Toddlers and young children should not take baths or showers since they run the risk of ingeting the water. Sponge baths should be done instead. Adults should keep showers short for safety, as some contaminants can potentially be absorbed through the skin.

Contaminated water cannot be boiled to remove the contaminants and should simply be not drank or consumed in any fashion. The CEHO suggests instead using bottled water for drinking, formulas, washing food or hands or even brushing teeth. Brita filters will not remove the gasoline either.

An investigation will be conducted and the water system will be tested for safety. The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer will advise the community when the it is safe to drink the water again.

A fact sheet on gasoline in drinking water has been issued as part of the advisory. Read it here.

Eric Bowling

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