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Water service from Lift Station #1 now operational

First major step in town’s ‘long, long recovery phase’

Lift Station no. 1, of seven water stations, has been restored and is functioning, the town of Hay River confirmed.

Residents were asked to use the water sparingly as the service was stored over an hour between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 22.

Property owners were told monitor their pump closely for wastewater backups and a slight discolouration of water was to be expected.

Contractors and workers at the Public Works have been labouring around the clock to restore this service, at one point using 17 pumps simultaneously to de-water the sewage station.

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“With the main lift station coming online yesterday we no longer have any areas identified in the ‘Yellow’ zone with the exception of Gates Drive,” said the town’s senior administrative officer Glenn Smith.

Yellow is the coloured used by Public Works on a map to indicate where one or two core utilities are not available.

This week we are focused on Paradise Garden and increasing access to the road that was washed. We want to get into some construction is opening up a temporary road… It was a major win to get the lift station back in action.” said Smith.

Anyone still experiencing issues with their water are advised to contact the Public Works department on 867-875-7137.