The housing crisis, which has been a persistent issue over the past few years, emerged as a major concern among the majority of voters. “Housing is just so expensive,” expressed voter Ami Grieve.
“Housing is just so expensive,” said voter Ami Grieve. Kaicheng Xin/NNSL photo

The polls are now officially closed around the NWT, except in Dettah, where a delay in opening this morning meant an extension until 8:26 p.m. this evening.

As voters were leaving the Multiplex during the day, NNSL Media spoke to some to get their thoughts and what made them cast a ballot.

Housing, which is always in issue in every election, emerged as a major concern among the majority of voters.

“Housing is just so expensive,” said Ami Grieve.

Another voter, Kevin Heney, pointed out that the housing problem wasn’t confined to a specific sector but was pervasive at all levels.

Heney, who found the housing situation “hard” when he first moved to the city, suggested the need for more market housing. He recalled reaching out to multiple rental companies, but to no avail.

Some voters also compared programs around the country with those in the NWT.

“Partly driven from my own observations, I‘m also on policy-based decision making, and I think in other areas of Canada, these kinds of approaches have been effective,” said Aaron Golda.

Health care was another area where voters hoped to see changes.

Ilona Legler shared her experience of waiting almost three years for major surgeries like knee surgeries. She expressed concern that such long waiting times could exacerbate health conditions.

The high cost of living was also a common concern among voters.

Tasia Walsh highlighted the issue of food security, recounting her recent grocery store trip of $317 on just four bags of groceries.

“It doesn’t last long,” she said, emphasizing the need for more affordable and sustainable food options.

Other concerns raised by voters included the need for career diversity and support for single parents.

“I know what it’s like to be a single parent, and it’s hard,” said Sue Qitsualik. “My kids are grown up now, but I know there’s a lot of support that’s needed.”

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