As opportunities to enjoy the Northern lights fade into the spring, North Star Adventures has been guiding clients out to enjoy the phenomenon before it’s gone for the season.

But on a recent outing, something happened that caused a bit of fear to set in.

A couple who signed up to take a tour with the company said they encountered a wolf-like animal during an evening sight-seeing excursion on the Ingraham Trail.

“We always want it to be safety first,” said Joe Bailey, owner of North Star Adventures. “When we arrived at the location, we saw something that was moving in the area. At the time, we couldn’t tell what it was, so I told everyone to stay inside the vehicle.”

While at one of the stops along the trail — a spot where tourists can get a good view of the aurora — the female client felt something tugging and scratching at her arm while she was inside of the SUV with her window down.

Bailey said she began to scream.

“I freaked out and asked what happened, and she said there’s something tugging at her,” he recalled. “I immediately shut the window (and) everybody was scared.”

When Bailey shone a light toward the object, they saw a wolf-like animal trotting away.

No one was injured as a result.

This wasn’t the first time an incident involving wildlife occurred while Bailey had tourists out on the land. He said there was a bear encounter about 10 years ago and that’s why he always shoots a “bear banger” every time they travel to a remote location for Northern lights viewing.

“To travel in the North, it’s not only about seeing the aurora, but also the wilderness and the wildlife. We are on their land, and at the same time, we know to respect it,” Bailey said.

Yellowknifer contacted Mike Westwick, manager of communications and public affairs for the Department of Environment and Climate Change, about the incident. He said there have been no reported negative interactions with wolves on the Ingraham Trail, but there have been several sightings around the North Slave region. He also said wildlife officers have not had to be dispatched for any incidents.

Westwick did remind people that although wolves tend to avoid human contact, it is breeding season, which means wolf sightings may be more common than usual. The predators are known to be aggressive toward domestic animals this time of year.

“Don’t let the wolf come closer than 100 metres, stay calm, don’t run away, back away slowly, maintain eye contact, don’t turn your back, act aggressive, make yourself big (and) yell,” he advised. “Throw things only if the animal becomes aggressive, and when it’s safe, call the wildlife emergency number.”

That number in Yellowknife is 873-7181.

Kaicheng Xin

Kaicheng Xin is a Multimedia Journalist with NNSL Media. You can reach him at

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  1. I am from Hamilton Ontario and I never ever saw any wolves and I lived right where they should be. I lived about four houses from the start of the Red Hill Valley or what’s left of the valley so yes I have never seen one in real life mind you I can’t believe I bought into that story I did like to comment about skinwalker so I did think that was very funny. And yes it does seem quite odd the wolf would just come up and bite and scratch at somebody’s arm that sounds like something a little Jack Russell would do and I think if a wolf was to do something like that while the person will probably have no arm left. From Vancouver BC. Good night

  2. I have been listening to podcasts on YouTube about similar animals in the US they are called a dogmen, like a hybrid of some sort. Either way I never ever thought I would read something like that for real. It really is kind of freaky

  3. Probably some animal that was born with problems because of Human waste in this world it looks like something that had goten altered by humans pollutants or its fake

  4. I’ll admit, I’m no big city Taxonomist. In fact, I’m not a Taxonomist of any kind.

    If it was a “Wolf-like” creature, it was Coyote or a Dog,

  5. Fantastic way for this guy to get FREE ADVERTISING for his company. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Throw both dogs a bone.

  6. That’s a dog.
    But, not all northern dogs are nice, and sometimes “pack up”. The guides didn’t know if this was the case, made sure their business wasn’t upended by a crepuscular canine.
    The best part of this piece is the job title of Mr Westwick, there’s clearly a need for a minister of literally everything and anything.
    Too bad the minister of “Travel, hiding, not working, breaking ethics laws is already taken. :’(

  7. A wolf won’t just just tug and nudge, I live in the wild unchartered and I frequent the winter roads. Wolves I come across are bigger then this dog

  8. What a bull shit story, or a poor hungry dog cross , was looking for food. Either way a waste of time.

  9. That is definitely 100% a husky and it’s facing the vehicle with it’s head down. It most likely took off running, chasing a critter and ended up losing it’s way from his/her owners on an outing and has been trying to survive on it’s own since then. A wolf, fox, coyote etc. would not go near anyone like that who’s in a group. Maybe, just maybe it could happen if that person was alone and the animal was starving.

  10. Looks like a Siberian Husky to me..
    15min of fame and 3min of reading false new AGAIN
    Wolves are bigger.. wolf like hmm yup a k9

  11. If you look at the picture carefully to the left of the animal in the bushes there seems to be a small animal

  12. That is a husky. people open your eyes someone left it out there to fend for it self.rotten people.

  13. Forgive me, but I don’t really get the point of this article? Why was it even published, who cares if there was a sighting of a wolf-like creature, way the hell up North, that’s where they live. Nobody dead, nobody dying, nobody even really attacked, just a curious animal hanging out. The article basically just tells us that there are animals that may or may not be wolves up in Yellowknife, ok cool but we already knew that…

  14. I just came to say that while the description says it’s walking away, it’s not.

    You can clearly see it’s head and it is facing the camera. Y’all went crazy with the theories..

  15. She should have left the window up!

    I have been among wolves in upper Michigan and have never been troubled

    Don’t wear perfumes or after shave solution during Wolf breeding season to avoid attracting curious breeding animals.

  16. I walked with a wolf for a day near Fairbanks, Alaska he was friendly and understood what I said. They are only dangerous when they gather to hunt moose and other bi game. Alone they are like smart dogs.

  17. When you zoom in and look close you can clearly see that it is a dog. You can distinguish the nose as it’s facing to the east with its mouth partially open also. It could be a cross breed of a husky/wolf, but the chances of a full blood wold tugging on someone’s shirt is 1000% doubtful. So either the person is full of it, or you’re posting a misleading story to get attention and put fear into people who are gullible enough to believe it was actually a wolf rather than a dog.

    And why not post the actual video and not just a single video???? Talk about trolling!!! Shame on you, trying to terrorize poor people who will believe this mockery of a story.

  18. No I haven’t already said this

    Having read the comments, I understand that some unspeakable #%^* drove out and abandoned a pet dog there; I hope someone is able to retrieve this suffering creature? If footage ever reveals the identity of the perpetrator of the crime, please call me to help deliver appropriate justice …

  19. Suddenly everyone is an expert ! It doesn’t really matter what the subject matter is, the so called ‘experts’ cannot resist demonstrating their so called ‘superior intelligence’. IF they are in fact that smart they would keep their yaps shut & ears open. Hence the pithy lesson of ‘Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt !’ >< Fact# 1: most ppl are not reliable nor trained observers & generally do not make great witnesses. >< Fact# 2: An image can be physically manipulated using angles, lighting, sharp or blurry focusing, the type of camera & lens or now through intentional or unintentional digital manipulation. Intentional or unintentional psychological manipulation also occur and prejudice the witness’s interpretation of what they thought they saw. >< Fact#3: Whether it’s a dog, wolf, coyote, or Miss Piggy the mind may immediately and or inadvertently add or subtract details during the time of the sighting or in the hours, days, weeks months or even years ahead. Refer back to Fact #1, #2 & 3. >< Fact #4: By not being there at the actual moment of the sighting a person is disadvantaged & reliant on the descriptions and subject to the interpretations and prejudices of what information the observers have seen or thinks they’ve seen. Refer back to Fact #1, #2, #3 & 4. >< Fact #5: most witnesses can become apprehensive or even anxious when they are in an unfamiliar environment known to harbour wild animals. These psychological states of mind may become further exacerbated by the witness having been subjected to factual or fictional information that may add or creates or heightens further apprehensions or anxieties. Refer back to all the above listed facts. I’ve lived for decades in the NWT (before the creation of Nunavut), was a trained and seasoned wildlife professional photographer, a court prosecutor, grew up hunting, fishing, and successfully panned for gold as a prospector. I would still be living ‘North of 60’ had it not been for a spinal injury and various cancers. Every night I dream of the northern lights dancing and crackling while the pastels of colour excite everyone fortunate enough to see them. Though I no longer live in the True North, my heart belongs forever beneath those beautiful northern lights. I love the Arctic, its people, its challenges, the wildlife and my real home.

  20. Y’all are clueless that’s neither a wolf or a husky or a coyote it’s a damn skinwalker I feel bad for the person it touched because it’s going to stalk them now and bad things are going to take place they need to do some research and learn how to protect themselves from it

  21. Was it maybe a coyote? Or a feral husky mix? From what I can make out in that pic it looks like Husky’s markings.

  22. To me it looks like a poor dog that was starving. People need to understand alot more about nature before they head out into their territory. If I was on that bus I would of got off and made contact to be certain it was not a list pet and in fact a wolf. Either way we need to be kind to all animals. There a sight of real beauty and we rely on wolfs to help keep the moose population down etc. Everything in nature has a place and nature balances itself out. Ps. I can’t help but think it was a list dog in real need of help.

  23. The canine in this photo is probably a dog, possibly as a Husky or Husky-Shepherd cross – and is so skinny, so obviously “bony”, that he or she is starving. The dog probably nuzzled up to the woman whose vehicle window was opened. The dog was merely doing what dogs do: looking for companionship and safety. The dog is probably abandoned and needed help but the ignorant humans screamed and the group drove away without investigating. The dog needs help and you left him/her there, alone to starve or be preyed upon.

    Some “tour guide”.

  24. Look at the land in the rest of the picture. It all looks similar, including this ” wolf like creature” . This is merely the human eye playing tricks on yourselves and is just a part of the lanscape.

  25. Wolflike?
    How many options are there or has someone forgotten wolves live there .
    Panic omg you’re in a suv and you see it leave but your panicking ?

    I’m not sure if this is poor journalism or really incredibly stupid witnesses .
    Wolflike ? If it said Wooflike at least it would be funny for the proper reasons

  26. How stupid. This is the North and the wilderness. Leave the wildlife alone. If your scared stay home.

  27. Did anyone think about going out and looking for the dog
    It’s defiantly not a wolf and avoisly is lost and was trying to get attention and is probably close of dying
    If I was closer I would definitely go try to find it , but probably to late now
    anyone notice those black lines of shadow all around and on his body that makes no sense with the lighting ??
    I seen those on trees in the bush in day time … it’s something else …that’s what creeps me out . Maybe it’s not even the animal that tugged her arm …
    Stay safe people don’t be scared of living things 😉

  28. That doesn’t anyone find it strange that they refer to it as a wolf like creature and not a wolf I see all wolves all the time where I’m from it’s just odd that they say a wolf like creature instead of just calling it a wolf

  29. So what if it was?
    You went into the bush at night with your window down.
    Did you expect there to be no wildlife in that part of the world?
    Did you think you were going to the local suburban park?
    Certainly might be a wolf in that pic. And probably was. Why would a husky be around around alone out there? Come on…

  30. Look how many wolf experts we have! Lmfao you monkey brained morons are so arrogant and egotistical. The attitude and comments you all make just show how ignorant and pathetic you truly are.

    Keep commenting on internet to no one hiding scared because if you actually said these brainless comments in real life, you would get humiliated by everyone around you.

    Pathetic morons.

  31. Chupacabra for sure. Definitely not a husky or a wolfdog. Too far north for a coyote or a coydog.

  32. Great outdoorsmen LoL – I’m pretty sure your ‘ wolf ‘ is just your average husky. When he was pulling the arm he wasn’t taste testing, he was asking for attention and got scared away by the freak out

  33. This was definitely not a wolf. Wolves will not come close to humans or tug at a person’s arm. They are far too afraid of us. Poor reporting.

  34. A wolf would. Not tug at an arm … attack yes but not tug. And in this picture is that not a HUSKY? We have wolf’s where I am and they do not have markings like that at all.

  35. We were observing at midnight near the golf course at Yellowknife when our dog went nuts barking etc. We saw a large dog (wolf) it made a crying noise. Not a bark or howl. It came within 3 feet of our car it was joined by another wolf minutes later. Both stayed around our car for several minutes My wife was scared and we left

  36. The photo shows a possible wolf facing the camera, not walking away. With its head lowered and facing down, and nose out of view. Those are its ears pointing up and remind me of a German Shepard dog’s ears more than a wolf’s.
    If this animal actually touched someone’s arm or hand that happened to be sticking out the window then I’m very sceptical that it was a wolf.