Robyn Scott, artist and teacher at Ecole Sir John Franklin High School, has created a set of artwork on display at The Gallery on 47th Street.

Some of her more recent work include paintings with textures to demonstrate the character of the north. One such painting is called ‘Liwezoo,’ meaning lake trout in the Tlicho language, and is an acrylic painting with shells and stones on the canvas. She said that her family spends a lot of time wandering through the bush and experiencing the land in a tactile way.

“I find myself running my hands along the surface of rock, playing with lichen, holding onto branches and grasping onto tree limbs and feeling bark under my hands,” she said.

“That’s part of what makes the north so special.”

She said that her newest set of artwork was a big departure from the typically flat pieces she’s produced in the past.

Also sharing the feature with Scott is Wade Friesen. He has photographs of northern wildlife on display.

Jonathan Gardiner

After a tough break looking for employment in Alberta, I moved to Yellowknife in 2017 and became a multimedia journalist in 2022. I enjoy the networking side of my job, and I also aspire to write my...

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