On Sept. 8, on the corner of Franklin Avenue and 49 Street, around 12 p.m., a group of protesters varying in ages from high schoolers to adults, protested about climate change.

“We’re protesting or at least standing up for real-action on climate change or at least that’s what I’m here for, trying to get recognition of the emergency that we are actually in and try and get our government leaders to treat it like an emergency and get some real stuff happening,” said Bob Bromley.

Cassie Rogers, 17, Grade 12 student at Sir John Franklin Secondary School, organized the protest.

She said she was inspired by the a climate change organization, Canada 350 and wants climate change to be an election issue.

“Whoever wins, we want to see climate change to be a predominant issue because we are reaching the threshold of point of no return; where we will see a future with more extreme weather events, more pollution, more waste build up,” she said. “But I know that if we all work together and are led by climate aware politicians that we can reduce our impact on the environment. We want everyone to be united in a green future.”

She want to “overall making Yellowknife, a cleaner and more environment-fully aware community.”

Chloe Son and Kaitlyn Stewart also attended the rally.

“When I was in Saskatchewan this year I saw first hand the really hot weather and the storming and all that and I saw the impact,” Son said. “I want to spread awareness and get politicians to make changes.”

Ngo said she has a lot of “eco-anxiety.

“I am very worried about my future and worried that the won’t be able to sustain itself,” she said. “I like to advocate for the climate a lot for young people, for people like me who are worries about the environment and worried about the future.”

Natasha Stenzel said the climate affects “every person globally.

“I think it is very important to take action.”

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